I’ve always been drawing, I can’t remember when I wasn’t drawing. Luckily my mom would always have paper and pencils around the house so that I can always be drawing. Today I realize it was also my coping mechanism while my parents were getting a divorce. So my passion for it lies deep. 

My passion only grew with time; always drawing and immersing myself in the arts and technology. My senior year in high school is when I eventually starting to put them together.

I designed my first website using PageMaker. In the day when Quark was a hot app for print and Flash was the hottest up and coming technology and a college counselor that realized I had artistic talent and made me apply to art school before I even knew what art school was. Since then I’ve been mentored by many throughout my years of experience working in diverse teams and agencies. 
Having and seeking out mentors has also helped me create teams that collaborate cohesively to have methodic and strategic work ethic. A place that grants creative ideas to flow and be heard; a place where thoughts are expressed broadly, allowing for creative ideas to flow. Establishing campaigns for large and small companies, giving life to new brands with new identities, adding and growing already successful brands. Notable brands include:  Kaiser Permanente, Lionsgate, Disney, Electronic Arts (EA), Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Saban Brands, FOX, AT&T, Occidental Petroleum, Intuitive Surgical.

Being a first generation Guatemalan American also makes me push and strive to be the best person and designer I can be. I keep telling myself, my mother didn’t sacrifice to come to America for better opportunities just so I can be lazy. I push myself everyday to make sure her sacrifices don’t go unnoticed.